Where to Buy USDT in 2022?

The strong volatility of cryptocurrencies prevents their widespread use: during the day, the exchange rate of digital assets can change by 20% or more. There have been situations when cryptocurrencies have almost doubled in price in just a few hours and crypto exchanges initially didn’t support fiat currencies. At the same time, users of cryptocurrency exchanges needed to insure their assets by converting them to more stable assets, but there was no such opportunity. 

To solve this problem, a special cryptocurrency has been developed — a stablecoin, which is a digital currency tied to the exchange rate of a fiat currency, for example, the dollar or the euro. One of the first stablecoins was USD Tether (USDT). The cryptocurrency is linked to the real dollar rate and the client can buy usdt with credit card, debit card, as well as through online wallets.

What is Tether (USDT)?

Tether is one of the most popular stablecoins, the value of which is pegged to the US dollar. USDT was designed as a kind of «bridge» between fiat money and cryptocurrency. It also offers stability and minimal commission. The important advantages of it are absolute transparency of calculations and high speed of operations. 

Stablecoin gives its owners the opportunity to store cryptocurrencies by analogy with fiat money linked to the dollar and euro. Due to this, a user can not be afraid of surges in the value of cryptocurrencies and send transfers in dollars. 

Where to Buy USDT for Any World Currency?

The purchase of a stablecoin is supported by many exchangers. Here are the most profitable ways to buy this cryptocurrency online:

  • special crypto exchanges;
  • exchangers;
  • crypto wallets.

Exchanges are not the easiest and fastest way to buy USDT and are more suitable for those who plan to use a stablecoin to buy or invest in cryptocurrencies for a short time using Tether. The main platforms are Binance and EXMO. To purchase in this way, verification is required, since sites are prohibited from processing anonymous fiat payments at the legislative level. 

The user can also purchase this cryptocurrency in exchangers. The problem is that there are many small companies that can turn out to be fraudulent and large reliable exchangers are harder to find. Therefore, trust only reliable exchangers and read reviews about them. Large exchangers operate in accordance with the law and provide an exchange only after verification. This doesn’t allow buying cryptocurrency anonymously, but it provides security. 

Some cryptocurrency wallets also allow their clients to buy Tether. This is very convenient because a user quickly exchanges cryptocurrency directly in their wallet. There’s no need even to enter the address — the wallet already knows it. A person should just enter the amount, specify the payment method and make a purchase.