Top 5 Android Penetration Testing Tools

Nowadays, a mobile phone has almost everything a person needs for a comfortable life. Mobile applications help you stay in touch with friends and family, remind you of important events, and help you relax and have fun. However, according to a WhiteHat Security report, almost 85% may have at least one of the security threats. The developers did not conduct Android pentesting or performed it poorly.

It is a necessary procedure that will help reduce risks and maintain reputation. Information about what it is, why it is valid, and which penetration testers should be chosen in today’s article.

Android Pentesting: What Is It and Its Essense

Android mobile application testing is the launch of searching for any application vulnerabilities that pose a threat to its security. In addition, malware analysis is performed to check for compliance with all security policies. It also includes trying to attack an Android application using various methods and tools. One of the primary testing purposes is to find vulnerabilities and fix them before hackers do it.

What Is the Best Mobile App Security Testing?

There are different tools for resolving security issues. Each of them is unique and designed according to the test’s purpose. However, there are top 5 Android applications that you should use periodically.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

With this tool, you interact with your Android while finding and fixing bugs. Testing of mobile applications is possible with the virtual machine. After that, you can turn on special commands like adb logcat and adb shell.

The tool does a 100% job of keeping Android secure and detecting issues before they hit the app’s workspace. For example, hacking confidential information is the most common problem among mobile devices. And ABD also helps detect vulnerabilities in the possible disclosure of sensitive information.


This penetration tester has remote access to information on Android. Therefore, it is also often used as a diagnostic tool for logging and troubleshooting mobile security. To configure it, you need to have at least basic knowledge of network configuration (port forwarding and creating hosts). If you have the necessary basic knowledge, you can download it in APK format and run a static and dynamic analysis of your application before launching.


This static code analysis tool is designed for developers and security researchers. It contains the entire set of necessary mobile testing tools. However, when using its security posture, there are some nuances. For example, the Android device must be connected to the host computer and rooted.

If Android apps use new security features, the tool can find gaps in sensitive data. Another feature is the CodeShare project. It includes various scenarios (phasing, detection bypasses, etc.) in the public domain as a dynamic instrumentation toolkit for the development and reverse engineering sphere.

MobSF – Mobile Security Framework

This dynamic and static analysis includes identifying hints for encoding passwords and API keys and source code analysis. Once downloaded locally, the tool captures the file for analysis and produces results in minutes. Security experts strongly recommend this penetration test when creating secure mobile apps for actual android devices.

Unlike most other tools, MobSF combines automatic and manual super speed analysis and guarantees 100% results. In addition, a report will be provided for each of the hundreds of files checked. It supports zipped source code IPA, APK, and APPX.


This security testing can offer a comprehensive range of numerous tools for fully customized scans, including improved codified security. For example, the mobile application can create malicious Wi-Fi hotspots, and anyone who connects to it will become vulnerable to any attacks. The application security makes it possible to recognize such hazards and prevent them.

Tools scanned rogue AP detection and large-scale reconnaissance scanning on a mobile device, etc. The program has a cloud-based reporting system. It offers many features that can come in handy, especially for reverse engineers.


Android penetration testing can help to estimate all vulnerabilities on any mobile application. But for complete testing, over 1000+ tests is better to hire professionals who can scan the entire segment step by step. Penetration testing at the active development stage can save your reputation and find in the future. But consider that cyber security doesn’t stay still, so run it periodically.