How to Invest in NFT Games?

The world of blockchain technology is fast growing. Recently, we have seen rapid growth in the popularity of NFT games all over the world.

Play to Earn NFT games are the most popular for making real money by playing.

Let’s take a look at what the best 2021 NFT games are.

Axie Infinity

It’s an entertaining Ethereum NFT collectible game. In that game, users fight each other and breed new Axie virtual creatures. So, where are some ways to make money in this game:

  1. The in-game SLP currency can be earned by winning battles against other players or completing game queues.
  2. Also, players can create and pump NFT characters. Players can breed their pets. The game has its NFT marketplace where any player can sell their pet that has increased price.
  3. It is also possible to invest in NFT characters in the game. By purchasing a character, you have the opportunity to rent it and receive a constant share of gamers’ rewards.

At the moment, the cost of the average set of characters is about $ 2,000. 


It’s a tactical card NFT game. You collect character cards with individual characteristics and then use them to fight other players.

The peculiarity of the game is also in the fact that all cards exist in the form of NFT – this guarantees the players the right to own them, well, and simplifies their trade.

You can make money on this game by:

  • earning in-game SPS currency by participating in quests, battles, and tournaments.
  • collecting unique combinations of NFT items, i.e., cards. These kits can be sold on the marketplace.

Income in Splinterlands per month can be in the order of $ 700-800.

Town Star

It’s completely free to play, but if you want to be particularly competitive with the best, some of the game NFTs in it will be very useful.

Town Star is a competitive simulator where everyone develops their farm. A winner is determined every week. GALA coins act as a reward. The game also can get a BOX coin, but this will require a significant investment from the player.

Not all people will like investing in this game can make them more efficient. Still, some NFT games will function precisely according to these mechanics.

Selling NFT items from the game can make a lot of money, especially if you have exclusive and unique items.

Alien Worlds

It’s the most popular blockchain game in recent months. About two million users play it, but most of them are bots.

Alien Worlds allows you to earn TLM tokens, which have been listed on the Binance exchange since April 2021. You can earn from one to three tokens per hour.

The game boils down to pressing a conditional “one button” in a separated period. Then the game determines whether you have earned coins or any NFTs. You can choose only the planet and the place on it where you will dig, as well as the NFT equipment with which the mining takes place.

The industry is very new, and it takes time to start working more solid and long-term, so don’t forget about the risks.